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(Article / Review by Benoit Fournier)

An album remains an essential format for Deleyaman. A long, necessary time, a path that must be taken.

From the mists of Exil, with its hypnotic and beaded soul of clear guitars, to the clear obscure mood of Slaves, throughout the ten paintings, Sentinel toils the conviction that the beauty of dawn is born first from the night, that a ray of sunshine is never more beautiful than when it pierces through the clouds, just after the rain.

It is not a matter of contrasts, but of connections, their conception of relation between all things, this certainty that it is within the distances and the differences that the stakes of completeness and accuracy lie. A music that places glimmers of hope in the heart of nostalgia, and whose soothing sweetness comes from the acceptance of melancholy.

The sparse touches of the piano and the guitar open the space for textures that intertwine and connect. The rhythms inhabit the calmness; to the love of the pictorial and landscapes answer the echo of profound human emotions.

Led by the voices of Aret and Beatrice, working the shadow and the light, alongside Gerard's ancient wind instrument the duduk and a newcomer Guillaume Leprevost on bass, Deleyaman continue their path. Wanderers, awake on a peaceful road.